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Multimedia FLASH presentations are a great tool to introduce your company, its products and services to prospective clients.

Our dynamic and interactive presentation solutions are used by clients to enhance corporate image, product launches, educating their customers and communicating their message with clarity and intensity for maximum impact. With an effective presentation and a clear message, you add value to how your business is perceived.

We offer a full range of Multimedia / Business CD-ROM Presentation design services. These include Flash Intro, Flash Banner Ads, Flash mailers, Corporate presentations with an intuitive navigation.

We work with clients to create and implement innovative multimedia FLASH presentations to deliver targetted and effective communication. We combines a wide range of technical and programming expertise with top-notch strategic, design, content and creative teams to develop full-service multiGreenleaf Entertainment to our clients.

E Catalog Designs

E-catalog or E-brochure design is very effective medium to deliver information of your products or services right to the prospective clients instantly via email attachments or on the CD. It is cost effective solutions where you don't need to spend the huge amount on printed material.
We creates ecatalog design for CD catalog and ebrochure design to send by email.
We can design ecatalog and ebrochure informs of powerpoint, flash, CD or PDF formats.
Our Ecatalogs design service can help you in making of ebrochure for your company. 

Electronic brochure design are great to use for,

  • - Company Information
  • - Product Catalogs
  • - Tradeshow Informational
  • - Our Work Showcase
  • - Promotional Newsletter
  • - Online Instruction Manuals
  • - Photo Albums






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